Wut is a Wallet?

Connecting to Meme.Market and storing your $MEEM

$MEEM Tokens are the currency of the Meme.Market platform and a Wallet is where your $MEEM is stored. $MEEM is earned for free by completing Quests and is used to unlock functionality within the Meme Stonk Market Game. In the future there will be Meme Contests and Meme Battles which will also use $MEEM.

Meme.Market integrates seemlessly with the MetaMask Wallet. Creating a MetaMask Wallet is free and can be done by visitng the official MetaMask site here https://metamask.io/  

Wallet Setup Instructions

Step 1 - Download MetaMask

Visit https://metamask.io/ and click the download button.

Step 2 - Setup your MetaMask Wallet

Select your type of download - Chrome(or any other browser) - then click the Install button to download and install your MetaMask Wallet and password.

IMPORTANT: Store at least one copy of your Private Keys in a very safe and secure location that you will never forget or lose. Private Keys are needed to access your MetaMask Wallet. If you lose your Private Keys then you lose all access to your wallet and everything what was contained within it including all your $MEEM forever.

Step 3 - Connect your new MetaMask Wallet to Meme.Market

Return to Meme.Market and click the Login/Connect Wallet button.

MetaMask will prompt you with a Signature Request in order to authorize the connection of your MetaMask wallet and Meme.Market.

To connect your Wallet to Meme.Market click the Sign button.

Signatures are required to connect your Wallet to Meme.Market and to authorize transations of your $MEEM on the Meme.Market platform.

Step 4 - Check your $MEEM Balance

Check your $MEEM balance on the Meme.Market Dashboard

You can now receive $MEEM by completing Quests and use $MEEM to play the Stonk Market Game.

That's it, you're done! :)