How to Be a Meme Lord in 20 Minutes

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Hereinlies thesecretsof thememe gods. Afterreadingthis book you will be a
100% certified memelord. Wield your powers fordanknessyoung memer.

Level 001: Have fun

You can do so by going to and hitting “create meme”.
Note: Making memes is supposed to be afunprocess. It’s supposed to give you joy
and not stress you out. So as long as you’re having fun making it. You’re on the right track. So at first think of something funny, and then think about what kind of template would fit your current funny idea then make your dankest meme.

Example below:

Level 002: Meme Template
We have a ton of meme templates to help you get started. Choose one of the
trending memes if you’d like to choose from the higher engaging meme templates.

Then click “create meme”

Level 003: Fill in the blanks
This is where your dankness comes in

Level 004: Laugh your butt off
Take a moment to rejoice in the meme you just made! You’re on your way to becoming a certified memelord.

Level 005: Publish your meme
Share your meme with the meme market community to make everyone laugh.

You’re officially a Meme Youngling. See meme pyramid below:

Level 006: Meme Designer
So you’re officially a meme youngling. What’s next from here? Meme Designer! This level of dankness is reserved for those who take it a step further and hit the “upload meme” button instead of the “create new” meme template function. Meme designers are individuals who push the boundaries of what could be considered a typical meme, by taking the content creation process into their own hands. This means going out and shooting your own images, finding new images online that haven’t been turned into meme formats (yet) or even drawing your own rudimentary rage face from scratch. The sky's the limit when it comes down to meme design, but as always refer back to step 1.

Have fun. If you’re not having fun then you’re doing it wrong. Make sure your content is funny, original, and above all a fun experience. Memes are about laughter, joy, and spreading a message.

Level 007: Memelord certification
Look at you now! You’ve ascended from being a casual memer, to becoming a meme youngling, and are now a meme designer. What’s left to become a 100% certified memelord?

Meme Events! Meme Events are your chance to take everything you’ve learned in this book and turn it into cold hard meme tokens.

Meme Tokens: Are the currency of the meme economy, these tokens allow you to exchange the tokens you earn through creating memes for real life prizes. Air Pods, PS5, iPhone, Xbox, Tesla Belt Buckle, and much more.

You earn tokens by getting involved with our events, all you have to do is take your newly learned meme creation skills and enter the contest by submitting your dankest meme in correlation to the event rules. Don’t worry though!

Every single person that enters the event earns meme tokens, whether they are a grand prizer or not all entries count and get a piece of the meme token pie. The dankest meme of course wins a better prize than everyone else.

Level 009: Meme Master
Holy shet, didn’t think you’d make it this far did ya? Yes there’s a Meme Master level, but only those that have chosen the path of dankness are able to ascend past the level of the almighty memelord. Meme Masters are those who are deeply involved in the meme community. These high level memelords recruit, moderate, help manage the community, and are involved with the upper echelon of the meme elite. The rewards for these are a closely guarded secret. Tread carefully to the next step if you so choose to take on the responsibility of a Meme Master.

If you have completed every single step, then you may contact a meme god at