About Us

We're a community that's obsessed with memes. Representing a diverse range of ages, genders & nationalities, we’re family friendly, LGBTQ welcoming, have zero tolerance for cyberbullying, and we’re united by one single passion... MEMES MEMES & MORE MEMES!!!!!

Memes have infiltrated all aspects of the internet and have become a staple of modern expression, communication and humor online. MemeMarket is the first Meme Platform designed to reward creative prowess for meme artists while both respecting Copyright Laws and presenting a long-term viable solution to Meme related Copyright challenges for the entire internet.

Meme Events & Rewards

Meme.Market is a Play-2-Earn inspired platform. Players enter events and win rewards.

Site users will be able to participate in various forms of events, mainly; original meme creation events, and original meme template creation events. All site users will have unlimited permissions to create meme or meme template events.

Some events will have prizes and/or various types of corresponding rewards issues to winner(s). Site users will be able to browse the platform and participate in events of their preference at any time.

Users will need to complete a certain amount of identity verification in order to claim prizes.